Submithub Feedbacks on Single «Wizard Wisdom»

  • Chill vibes, with an almost psychedelic feel to it, I really like it. Good work!
  • Made me remember of Gorillaz and Linkin Park. Liked the drums a lot!
  • Sehr cooles Intro mit der Trompete und den Sirenen. Das groovt, echt toll! Da stimmt alles für mich!
  • Such a beautiful job my dude, loving your work
  • Por fin un rap realmente alternativo, hasta el momento sólo intentos!
  • Excellent recordings!
  • Superbe atmosphère musicale, très cinématographique! La manière de rapper correspond bien avec le morceau: très réussi!
  • Cool track guys, keep work!
  • Not a big fan of jazz but I liked it.
  • Мощность обогрева этой песни в сердце композиции.
  • Nice groove kicking in around :40. Laid back trumpet – very late night, Buddha bar kind of throwback. Very tasteful playing. Well paced. Lyrics are fine.
  • Spacey stuff, cool! Loving the trumpet.
  • Яркий пример современного джаза, отличное исполнение и вокал. Приятная композиция для ценителей жанра.
  • Excellent and inventive set of complex rhythms.
  • Good combination of rap and jazz.
  • Ich denke, das ist ein cooles, kreatives Projekt!
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