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Heard that you need a fast recharge after the most tiring day ever? Wolkenpark released the most laid-back, atmospheric music made of pure joy and sensibility just for the occasion.

A quartet of talented jazz instrumentalists, Wolkenpark revitalizes the mood in the midst of the global pandemic with these two live sessions, now released as a debut double feature: lazy day/standing back.

No matter how destructive the pandemic seemed to be, our beloved jazz artists with a pure heart for love never ceased to find a chance, a platform so that they can pervade their positivity to everyone in the trying times. And that is how Lazy Day/Standing Back was born! The production of the two tracks is solid, with a dramatic climax at the end which is perceived as quite “aggressive” but I myself find it superb.

Jazz is all about improvising, and the quartet takes it to the next level. We can taste their spirit, which is as passionate as fine wine, and as mesmerizing but still serene enough so that we can feel like taking a pause of everything and just take every moment into account. That is the power of jazz music, connecting people, cheering people, and also inspiring people. This debut feature shows how much potential this quartet has, leaving us hungry for more.


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