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Lazy Day/Standing Back

Band :
Title : Lazy Day / Standing Back
Release Date : Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Label : iMD Klangfaktur
Catalog ref. : KF01000
Format : Digital Download

«Lazy Day/Standing Back» was released digital only on 10th May 2022 and contains two tracks of which the basics were recorded during three weekends in spring 2021 while Corona had destroyed all live gigs. These were live recordings, two to four takes for each track, which built the base of the full album (to be released in September 2022).

The title track «Lazy Day» is composed by bass player Jean-Pierre Schaller, a smoothly rolling theme which evolves smoothly throughout the whole piece passing a dialogue like solo by bass and trumpet and culminating towards the end in looping cascades over the main theme.

The second track, composed by trumpet player Kriz «Flew» Flueler, is called «Standing Back» a relaxed laid back major/minor exercise, which is cleverly hidden by a sophisticated melody. In the studio the basic tracks were enriched by a multiplied Kriz playing additional trumpets, flugelhorns, valve trombones and even a tuba. Experts can hear a whole bunch of vintage electroacoustic instruments played by Julien Boss.

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Kriz Flueler: trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, loops, keys, sound programming, Echolette tape delay
Julien Boss: Rhodes 73 MKII, effects, synths (Roland Juno 60, DSI Prophet Rev2, Arturia Matrix Brute, DSI Pro-2), Hohner D-6, Yamaha CP-70, sound programming
Jean-Pierre Schaller: e-bass, effects
Andy Brugger: drums

Recorded, produced & mixed by Kriz Flew Flueler @ Klangfaktur Recording Studio, Effretikon
DAD: Digitally recorded, mixed on Studer 963 analog desk using various analog outboard equipment and vintage digital effects like Quantec QRS, Lexicon PCM60, Eventide H3000, T.C. 2290
Mastered by Dan Suter @ Echochamber, Zürich
© 2022 Wolkenpark

Single «Lazy Day»
EAN: 4066218371178
Lazy Day (Jean-Pierre Schaller), ISRC: CH6542225243, Length: 05:30
Standing Back (Christoph Flueler), ISRC CH6542225244, Length: 04:15
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