What we do

Everything is live

Wolkenpark compose, improvise and perform an electronic jazzy clubsound live: they very rarely use preproduced loops or samples; drum programming is done in realtime, loops are layered in realtime, special effects are applied in realtime – the learning curve is steep and they’re constantly checking out new workflows and technologies to achieve their goal: contemporary, dancable, pushing and yet interesting dancefloor oriented live music.

Steady Flow of Pure Music

In a steady flow Wolkenpark keeps moving from one musical moment to the next one – seamless and perfectly consistent. The flow is as much a surprise to them as it is for the public, which is a big challenge but also produces an intensity which is inherent to any outstanding jazz performance.

Electrified Grooves and Drops

Kriz augmented trumpet performance combined with abstract grooves and Mehdis live loops and soundscapes create a unique and yet recognizable Wolkenpark sound. The moment counts and as each performance is peerless you’ll never experience the same gig twice, so go for it and catch this one chance you have!