The Project

Wolkenpark started back in the 90ies as a duo project by trumpet player Kriz Flew and sound designer/composer Mehdi Khansari. They grew up in a suburb of Zurich and made their first musical steps jamming and producing in the bedroom at Kriz’s home. Mehdi using an iron board for a keyboard stand and Kriz running his Atari 1040 computer recording MIDI. Trumpet cuts had to be recorded live while capturing the master on a Casio DAT recorder, because 4-track-tape recorders were unaffordable at that time.
They had some decent success, winning prices on local competitions.

After leaving their parents homes, they took different musical careers paths: Mehdi went after a film composer career in London while Kriz stayed in Switzerland, studying at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne, building up a recording studio ( and a reputation as studio and session musician for musicals and innumerable bands of all styles.

Several decades later in 2009, Mehdi had returned from London back to Zurich, their ways crossed again. Still having the same musical heroes, they decided to follow their own vision of an electronic, danceable, live emerging music which in this combination was never made and heard before.
In the beginning they struggled with hardware problems, laptops and interfaces had terrible latencies. But the constant search for better workflows and massive improvements of the soft- and hardware industry finally let them to do what became Wolkenpark’s trademark: live improvised electronic music with a jazzy flavor and an impressive musical space.

As «Wolkenpark» they won the «Nightclub-City Original Song Contest» at Indaba with «Frappantine» and their Track «Cheerful Waiting Room» was elected for the Christie’s Lounge at the exhibition Art Basel in Miami (listen to both Tracks on the Website).

SInce Mehdi retired as live perfomer in 2018, they continue as jamming studio project while Kriz still expands his live skills to perform gigs. For 2019 a tour is in preparation, Kriz will then be supported by a trio (guit/eb/dr).

The Musician

Kriz Flew (Trumpet & Electronics)

For over 25 years, Kriz worked as a vocalist, hornplayer, soloist and musical director for various bands and musicals on stage. His work as a studio musician is documented on more than 30 albums. Besides the trumpet and flugelhorn he’s also an experienced tuba player.
Kriz Flew is a featured artist at Indaba. Together with his vocal group «Urban Voices», he won first prices at the Montreux Jazz Chrysler Award, the Young Swiss Jazz Award and several international awards for their album «The Gang».
Besides his main project «Wolkenpark», Kriz performs with the electric jazz band «Tanga Zoo», the reggae band «Back Lash», the jazz quintett «Get the Vibes» and on tuba with «Die Hitsköpfe». He produces for other bands at his recording studio Klangfaktur.
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