The Musicians

Kriz Flew (trumpet & electronics)

Kriz needs no introduction as a hornplayer, musical director, sound engineer and even vocalist. Once heard you won’t forget his smooth, soft and fragile sound on trumpet and flugelhorn, beside that he is one of the rare tuba players in the country. As studio musician he has played on more than 40 records, in musicals and soundtracks for movies and tv, as a sound engineer in his recording studio «Klangfaktur» he is known for innovative and tasty sounddesign.
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Julien Boss (rhodes, synth, electronics)

This young keybord player from Lausanne will make himself a name. He is already a producer and arranger for hiphop, pop and musical shows tearing down all stilistic borders. Besides being an excellent keyboard player and sound programmer, he teaches at «Haute ecole musicale de Lausanne, HEMU» and runs his duo «Boss Ensemble» crossing borders between jazz and classical music.
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Jean-Pierre Schaller (electric bass)

Still young, still experimenting, still full of energy! Being one of the most distinctive bass players in Switzerland and one oft he most underrated ones in Europe, JP Schaller laid down the groove for «The Clients» and «Funky Brotherhood». Together with Brugger he was «No No Diet Bang» in the 90ties. As a sideman he played with cats like Eddie Daniels, Bob Mintzer, Fred Wesley, Randy Brecker, Mathieu Michel or Russell Ferrante. Jean-Pierre Schaller teaches also at the «HEMU».
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Andy Brugger (drums)

Brugger ist one oft he most skilled drummers in funk, fusion and electric jazz in Middle Europe. After writing European electric jazz history in the eighties with «Donkey Kongs Multi Scream» he did his own thing «No No Diet Bang» together  with Jean-Pierre Schaller. Playing and touring internationally with Robin Kenyatta, Moncef Genoud, Harald Haerter, Bill Hardman, Heiri Känzig, Dominik Pifarelli, Charlie Mariano and many others, he is teaching a.o. since as 1999 professor for drums and rhythm studies at «Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK».
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Featured artist (TBA): Julio Mwansa Nkowane, a.k.a ROOTWORDS (rap & spoken word)

Born in Connecticut USA he has been professionally active in the music scene in both Geneva Switzerland and France since 2012. A writer-poet in constant reflection on the human condition and contemporary state of affairs, he has forged a solid reputation in the studio and on stage while proposing an eclectic style of Hip Hop. From the Paléo Festival, to Montreux Jazz, to Selvamonos in Pérou, to Bushfire in Swaziland Africa, to Rototom Sunsplash in Spain; Rootwords continues to expand and explore new musical horizons through artistic collaborations, or with his live band «The Block Notes».

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The Project

Wolkenpark started back in the 90ies as a duo project by trumpet player Kriz Flew and sound designer/composer Mehdi Khansari. They grew up in a suburb of Zurich and made their first musical steps jamming and producing in the bedroom at Kriz’s home. Mehdi using an iron board for a keyboard stand and Kriz running his Atari 1040 computer recording MIDI. Trumpet cuts had to be recorded live while capturing the master on a Casio DAT recorder, because 4-track-tape recorders were unaffordable at that time.
They had some decent success, winning prices on local competitions.

After leaving their parents homes, they took different musical careers paths: Mehdi went after a film composer career in London while Kriz stayed in Switzerland, studying at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne, building up a recording studio ( and a reputation as studio and session musician for musicals and innumerable bands of all styles.

Several decades later in 2009, Mehdi had returned from London back to Zurich, their ways crossed again. Still having the same musical heroes, they decided to follow their own vision of an electronic, danceable, live emerging music which in this combination was never made and heard before.
In the beginning they struggled with hardware problems, laptops and interfaces had terrible latencies. But the constant search for better workflows and massive improvements of the soft- and hardware industry finally let them to do what became Wolkenpark’s trademark: live improvised electronic music with a jazzy flavor and an impressive musical space.

As «Wolkenpark» they won the «Nightclub-City Original Song Contest» at Indaba with «Frappantine» and their Track «Cheerful Waiting Room» was elected for the Christie’s Lounge at the exhibition Art Basel in Miami and «Sparkling Water» got a 3rd price at «HOFA Production & Song Contest 2018» (listen to the tracks on this website).

Since Mehdi retired as live perfomer in 2018, they continue as jamming studio project

In summer 2018 Kriz was invited to do some live gigs and took the oportunity to expand Wolkenpark to a trio featuring the extraordinary Jean-Pierre Schaller on electric bass and Andy Brugger on drums. Since 2016 they worked together with Andys electric jazz combo «Tanga Zoo». In Spring 2019 Wolkenpark played live on tour for the first time as a trio, visiting several cities in Switzerland. A second tour to Russia in spring 2020 had to be canceled because of the outbreak of the Corona pandemy.

In June 2020 the trio had a session with exceptional pianist and keyboard player Julien Boss from Lausanne, which was so fruitful, that the band decided to continue as a quartet. After several rehearsal sessions they started recording material for their first release as a quartet in January 2021.

During 2022 several singles were released and on 12.12.2022 the first album «Wizard Wisdom» appeared on cd (and digital distribution) featuring two tracks with special guest Rootwords on rap and spoken word.