Welcome to Wolkenpark!

Wolkenpark – this metaphore describes the sound of the quartet of Swiss musicians pretty accurate! The band is performing its own compositions using an attractice blend of modern club styles, drum‘n‘bass, ambient, chillout, and funk. Coming all from a jazz background (two of the guys teach at Swiss jazz schools), they impress with nasty grooves, mixing synthesized sounds, live looping and effects with the acoustic sound of their instruments – trumpet (Kriz Flueler), rhodes (Julien Boss), electric bass (Jean-Pierre Schaller) and drums (Johan Wermeille). With Wolkenpark they join their experience of playing hundreds of gigs in various combinations since the early eighties.

Their second album is being mixed at the moment and will be released on 25. March 2024.

While being banned from the stage during the bondage of Corona pandemy (loosing an already planned tour to Russia in 2020), the guys concentrated on studio work and recorded their first official album. The first single «Lazy Day/Standing Back» was released on May 10th, followed by «Move on for Real» and «Wizard Wisdom» feat. Rootwords, while the full album «Wizard Wisdom» was released on 12. 12. 2022!

«Wolkenpark» won 2017 the «Nightclub-City Original Song Contest» with «Frappantine», the Track «Cheerful Waiting Room» was elected for the Christie’s Lounge at the exhibition Art Basel in Miami and «Sparkling Water» got a 3rd price at «HOFA Production & Song Contest 2018». In 2023 the track «Standing Back» was nominated for the 5th Annual AEEM Award and we got an invitation for Tallinn Music Week.

Check out a video cut of a live performance in December 2022 and our latest release «Wizard Wisdom» feat. Rootwords.

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