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Vagues (EP)

«Vagues (EP)» will be released as ep on cd only (no streaming services) on 7th April 2024.
In Switzerland it can be ordered in our shop (no international distribution, wait for the album).

Kriz Flueler: trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, loops, keys, sound programming
Julien Boss: Rhodes 73 MKII, Wurlitzer E-Piano, effects, synths (DSI Prophet Rev2, Arturia Matrix Brute, DSI Pro-2), sound programming
Jean-Pierre Schaller: e-bass, effects
Johan Wermeille: drums
Special guest (tracks 1 & 3): Julio Mwansa Nkowane a.k.a. Rootwords: rap, spoken word

Recorded 11.-14. July 2023
Recorded, produced & mixed by Christoph «Kriz Flew» Flueler @ Klangfaktur Recording Studio, Effretikon
Mastered by Dan Suter @ Echochamber, Zürich
© 2024 Wolkenpark

EP «Vagues»

  1. Vagues (Julien Boss, Lyrics: Rootwords)
    Length: 05:30
  2. Again & Again (Jean-Pierre Schaller)
    Length: 03:35
  3. Indigo (Jean-Pierre Schaller, Lyrics: Rootwords)
    Length: 04:00
  4. Peaceful (Jean-Pierre Schaller)
    Length: 04:30

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