Wolkenpark Live!

Wolkenpark live for the first time since 2019, for the first time with Julien Boss on keys and for the first time with Rootwords on spoken word and rap. A new program which rises like a phoenix from the ashes of Corona breakdown. Share this special moment with us!
23. 9. 2022, 20:15 Esse, Winterthur – première of the new program
24. 9. 2022, 20:15 Raum 132, Wetzikon,
17. 11. 2022, 20:00 Rössli, Stäfa (short set, without Rootwords)
26. 11. 2022, 20:30 Mehrspur, Zürich

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Review on «Illustrate Magazine»

Heard that you need a fast recharge after the most tiring day ever? Wolkenpark released the most laid-back, atmospheric music made of pure joy and sensibility just for the occasion.

A quartet of talented jazz instrumentalists, Wolkenpark revitalizes the mood in the midst of the global pandemic with these two live sessions, now released as a debut double feature: lazy day/standing back.

No matter how destructive the pandemic seemed to be, our beloved jazz artists with a pure heart for love never ceased to find a chance, a platform so that they can pervade their positivity to everyone in the trying times. And that is how Lazy Day/Standing Back was born! The production of the two tracks is solid, with a dramatic climax at the end which is perceived as quite “aggressive” but I myself find it superb.

Jazz is all about improvising, and the quartet takes it to the next level. We can taste their spirit, which is as passionate as fine wine, and as mesmerizing but still serene enough so that we can feel like taking a pause of everything and just take every moment into account. That is the power of jazz music, connecting people, cheering people, and also inspiring people. This debut feature shows how much potential this quartet has, leaving us hungry for more.


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Review on «Os Garotos de Liverpool»

By Elio Sant’Anna Pedrozo Campos (in Brazilian Portuguese)

Com mais de 10 anos de estrada, esse é um projeto que estreia por aqui com um single-duplo revelado nas plataformas de streaming em Maio e que iremos falar mais sobre abaixo.

Lançado há mais de um trimestre, o single ‘Lazy Day/Standing Back’ mostra a razão de estarem, de maneira merecida, entre as nossas descobertas. Sendo faixa completamente experimentais, eles entregam para o público ouvinte uma instrumentação muito bem executada a riquíssima, com grandiosos instrumentos de sopro e uma bateria cadenciada que é tocada com  maestria durante toda a extensão de cada uma das faixas, com sonoridade que caberia facilmente nos clubes de jazz, funk norte-americano e das big bands.

Com a formação sendo essencialmente do jazz, eles entregam um belíssimo groove que funde com sintetizadores, loopings e efeitos de instrumentos como o trompete ou até mesmo baixo.

«A faixa de abertura é composta pelo baixista Jean-Pierre Schaller, um tema suave que evolui suavemente ao longo de toda a peça,enq enquanto a segunda faixa, composta pelo trompetista Kriz Flueler é um exercício relaxado maior/menor, que é habilmente escondido por uma melodia sofisticada. No estúdio as faixas básicas foram enriquecidas por um Kriz multiplicado tocando trompetes adicionais, flugelhorns, trombones de válvula e até uma tuba», comenta o release oficial.


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«Lazy Day» on Formula Indie

Our single «Lazy Day» will be broadcasted on «Formula Indie» by Euro Indie Music Network on 16th August.
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Review on «Nagamag»

Our first review in russian:

Шикарная джазовая музыка в очень минималистичном, но при этом выразительном коктейле из приглушённого света, блеклых лучах прожекторов и дыхания живого оркестра. Чистое наслаждение в мелодичном антураже шикарной музыки.

«Gorgeous jazz music in a very minimalist yet expressive cocktail of dim lights, faded spotlights and the breath of a live orchestra. A pure pleasure in a melodic ambience of chic music.» (Automatically translated with Deepl)

The title track «Lazy Day» is composed by bass player Jean-Pierre Schaller, a smoothly rolling theme which evolves smoothly thoughout the whole piece passing a dialogue like solo by bass and trumpet and culminating towards the end in looping cascades over the main theme.
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