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By Claudia Mendes

Wolkenpark has teamed up with Rootwords for their grooving single ‘Move on for Real’. Packed with the big band sound of Wolkenpark, the deep lyrics written by Rootwords perfectly fit the feel of the instrumentation while getting you thinking. The single combines the best of what the band has to offer with the depths of Rootwords’ spoken-word rap.
Drawing on the fusion sound of the band, the single continues their infectious combination of funk, chillwave, ambient and jazz tones while adding a flair of something new with the featured vocals. The band’s sound has been honed over the years since Kriz Flew (trumpet, electronic) and composer Mehdi Khansari started as a duo. After Khansari retired from live performances, the band turned into a quartet with the addition of Jean-Pierre Schaller (electric bass), Andy Brugger (drums) and Julien Boss (piano, keyboard).

‘Move on for Real’ slowly rises from silence with a slight ambient tone that leads you into some rapid jazz beats. The interplay between the drums and the ambient tones is wonderful and creates this great space for the trumpet to make an appearance. The drumming is really amazing as it shuffles and tumbles through the melody bringing a slightly groovy vibe. The trumpet has you swaying to its flow as it speaks out over the drums. As the single progresses, there are other instrumental elements that sneak between the drums, trumpet and ambient tones. This adds a fantastic texture to the single while retaining a rather chilled vibe. There is an infectious energy to the melody that bubbles through your veins as the keys murmur and lead you to a big band blast of horns. This is a melody that really showcases the infectious vibes of Wolkenpark and the masterful way they combine organic instruments and electronic tones.

While the melody catches you in its fusion flow, Rootwords’ vocals infuse a new depth into the single. His spoken-word rap brings a political hip-hop touch to the track while strangely complementing the melodic movement of the music. After the lead-up of the band, his performance changes the vibe of the track in the best possible way. The lyrics of his rap have you searching for something to fill the void in your life while considering the world around you. His performance is wonderfully smooth and it is this smoothness that effortlessly draws you into the consciousness of his words.

After teaming up with Rootwords, Wolkenpark combines spoken-word rap with their fusion big band sound for the thought-provoking yet highly infectious single ‘Move on for Real’. The interplay between the jazzy vibes of the melody and the spoken-word rap brings a unique texture to the single that makes it highly enjoyable. The artists have taken the best elements of their sounds and fused them perfectly.

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