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By Vitali

The Swiss quartet Wolkenpark presented their debut album called ‘Wizard Wisdom’. The release took place at the end of last year, which allowed us to feel the full force of the musical insight and talent of this band. 

Wolkenpark is formed by 4 like-minded musicians who have an amazing experience of performing on stages of different levels. The record ‘Wizard Wisdom’ consists of seven tracks that are performed live and have elements of trip-hop, funk and jazz in its various manifestations.  

It is mostly instrumental music and only two tracks out of seven feature a guest rap artist ROOTWORDS, who added profound recitation with wise views. The rhythm section of the Wolkenpark band is a real rhythm machine, in which bass lines in groovy forms intersect with frantic drums. Elegantly trumpet and the Rhodes piano add to that magical power that amazes with its organicity and imagination.  

Listen to the album ‘Wizard Wisdom’ below on Spotify and immerse yourself in this celebration of real live music brought to us by the fantastic Wolkenpark. (13. 2. 2023)


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Submithub Feedbacks on Single «Wizard Wisdom»

  • Chill vibes, with an almost psychedelic feel to it, I really like it. Good work!
  • Made me remember of Gorillaz and Linkin Park. Liked the drums a lot!
  • Sehr cooles Intro mit der Trompete und den Sirenen. Das groovt, echt toll! Da stimmt alles für mich!
  • Such a beautiful job my dude, loving your work
  • Por fin un rap realmente alternativo, hasta el momento sólo intentos!
  • Excellent recordings!
  • Superbe atmosphère musicale, très cinématographique! La manière de rapper correspond bien avec le morceau: très réussi!
  • Cool track guys, keep work!
  • Not a big fan of jazz but I liked it.
  • Мощность обогрева этой песни в сердце композиции.
  • Nice groove kicking in around :40. Laid back trumpet – very late night, Buddha bar kind of throwback. Very tasteful playing. Well paced. Lyrics are fine.
  • Spacey stuff, cool! Loving the trumpet.
  • Яркий пример современного джаза, отличное исполнение и вокал. Приятная композиция для ценителей жанра.
  • Excellent and inventive set of complex rhythms.
  • Good combination of rap and jazz.
  • Ich denke, das ist ein cooles, kreatives Projekt!
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