Real-Time Audio Editing Part 2

In addition to trimming with the Octatrack, you can go further in audio jamming. Let me show you how.

With button combo [TRACK + BANK] you’ve entered the Audio Dditor menu. Choosing the “Edit” menu there is even more mindblowing possiblities to tweak audio.

Here are two examples:

With Knob A and C you define which area of the waveform you want to do something about it. With Knob F you can zoom in/out to make precise selection. Finished with your selection you (and still in the “Edit” menu of the Audio Editor) you push the Enter/yes button. Now you are in tweaking territory. It’s a long menu and I’ll pick just one.

1. Use the arrow down button until you reach “Rotate Pos To Start”. This a great feature to get your sample started with that bit. After entering Enter/yes again audio is being muted shortly. So make sure other tracks are running and some music is still going on.

2. With menu “Duplicate Selection -> or <-” you double the selection (obviously!), but repeating it twice or more it can create great change and this feature does not mute the audiofile during process.




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Real-Time Audio Editing Part 1

During our live performance we can record live audio directly into the Octatrack. Beside adding effects and setting additional triggers, there is another way to change and shape the recorded audio.

With combination [TRACK + BANK] button you’ll have direct access to the waves editor menu “Trim”. With Knob A (Startpoint) and/or C (Endpoint) you can trim audio instantly and hear the effect while tweaking these two knobs.

Instead of creating slices (it’s nice too), trimming gives you a new starting point in the sample very easy and very quickly.

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Audio snippets

With the Octatrack (Dynamic Performance Sampler) we can quickly record and replay audio. Combining two buttons on the octatrack we can record long or very short audio from any source, which can be triggered and played around. The trigs and effects are then in sync with the tempo. Especially the Trumpet sound will be a great part in our audio snippets recording.

We think, this will add some juice to our unique Wolkenpark-Sound.

Here a Tutorial Video from www.elektron.se


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