Real-Time Audio Editing Part 2

In addition to trimming with the Octatrack, you can go further in audio jamming. Let me show you how.

With button combo [TRACK + BANK] you’ve entered the Audio Dditor menu. Choosing the “Edit” menu there is even more mindblowing possiblities to tweak audio.

Here are two examples:

With Knob A and C you define which area of the waveform you want to do something about it. With Knob F you can zoom in/out to make precise selection. Finished with your selection you (and still in the “Edit” menu of the Audio Editor) you push the Enter/yes button. Now you are in tweaking territory. It’s a long menu and I’ll pick just one.

1. Use the arrow down button until you reach “Rotate Pos To Start”. This a great feature to get your sample started with that bit. After entering Enter/yes again audio is being muted shortly. So make sure other tracks are running and some music is still going on.

2. With menu “Duplicate Selection -> or <-” you double the selection (obviously!), but repeating it twice or more it can create great change and this feature does not mute the audiofile during process.




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