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Wizard Wisdom CD

Band : ,
Title : Wizard Wisdom
Release Date : Monday, December 12, 2022
Label : Fontastix
Catalog ref. : KF01005
Format : CD

«Wizard Wisdom» was released as cd and on all streaming services on 12th December 2022.
In Switzerland it can be ordered in our shop and internationally at any record or online store (EAN: 7640149284843).

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Kriz Flueler: trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, loops, keys, sound programming
Julien Boss: Rhodes 73 MKII, Yamaha CP-70, Hohner Clavinet D-6, effects, synths (Roland Juno 60, DSI Prophet Rev2, Arturia Matrix Brute, DSI Pro-2), sound programming
Jean-Pierre Schaller: e-bass, effects
Andy Brugger: drums, pads

Recorded, produced & mixed by Christoph «Kriz Flew» Flueler @ Klangfaktur Recording Studio, Effretikon
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 DAD: Digitally recorded, mixed on Studer 963 analog desk using various analog outboard equipment and vintage digital effects like Quantec QRS, Lexicon PCM60, Eventide H3000, T.C. 2290
Tracks 2, 4, 6 DDD: Digitally recorded, mixed in the box
Mastered by Dan Suter @ Echochamber, Zürich, except track 8: mastered by Kriz Flew @ Klangfaktur Recording Studio, Effretikon
© 2022 Wolkenpark

CD «Wizard Wisdom»
EAN: 7640149284843, Labelcode 16043

  1. Lazy Day (Jean-Pierre Schaller)
    ISRC: CH6542225243, Length: 06:10
  2. Beromünster (Christoph Flueler)
    ISRC: CH5972200220, Length: 04:25
  3. Wizard Wisdom (Jean-Pierre Schaller, Lyrics: Rootwords)
    ISRC: CH6542272597, Length: 06:15
  4. Hello Thomas (Jean-Pierre Schaller)
    ISRC: CH5972200222, Length: 05:10
  5. Move on for Real (Jean-Pierre Schaller, Lyrics: Rootwords)
    ISRC: CH6542236772, Length: 05:45
  6. Chicken Eddie (Andy Brugger)
    ISRC: CH5972200224, Length: 04:35
  7. Standing Back (Christoph Flueler)
    ISRC: CH6542225244, Length: 04:15
  8. Amor (Andy Brugger)
    ISRC: CH5972200236, Length: 05:55

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