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Move on for Real

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Title : Move on for Real
Release Date : Monday, June 6, 2022
Label : iMD Klangfaktur
Catalog ref. : KF 01001
Format : Digital Download

«Move on for Real» was released digital only on 6th June 2022 featuring rapper Julio Mwansa Nkowane from Geneva, better known as Rootwords. Originally this was an instrumental composition by Jean-Pierre Schaller called «Old School», but it changed its name when combined with the lyrics (see below). It’s a drum’n’bass inspired beat by Andy and Jean-Pierre with experimental Rhodes sounds by Julien and evolving brass phrases and loops by Kriz culminating in a bigband brass lick. Lyrics were added later, but fit perfectly to the groove and feel of the tune. The basics were recorded during three weekends in spring 2021 while Corona had destroyed all live gigs. These were live recordings, two to four takes for each track, which built the base of the full album.

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Verse I
I’ll recognise it when it touch my soul
I’m plotting the full circle to complete this hole Searching
I’m looking
It’s got to be somewhere
It’s out there !
Mining – I’m gonna find it it’s not a diamond It’s rare …
I’m digging
Let’s start here …

You and I kind of match We are quite near … Let me
Get a little closer

Break some bread Halal and kosher

Lend me your ear
My heart is what I will share …

Verse II
I approach
We get close
This is a gamble
A risk
One of the most
CRAZY things I done in my life Who wanna bet ?
I must be high
Is this as good as it gets ?!

Tell me something-
Are you feeling the same way ?
Was it love at first sight on the same day ?

Fuck all the game play !
I want to know how you really feel So we can chill
Or move on – for real

Kriz Flueler: trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, tuba, loops, keys, sound programming
Julien Boss: Rhodes 73 MKII, effects, synths (Roland Juno 60, DSI Prophet Rev2, Arturia Matrix Brute, DSI Pro-2), Yamaha CP-70, sound programming
Jean-Pierre Schaller: e-bass, effects
Andy Brugger: drums
Rootwords: lyrics & voice

Recorded, produced & mixed by Kriz Flew Flueler @ Klangfaktur Recording Studio, Effretikon
DAD: Digitally recorded, mixed on Studer 963 analog desk using various analog outboard equipment and vintage digital effects like Quantec QRS, Lexicon PCM60, Eventide H3000, T.C. 2290, EMT 245
Mastered by Dan Suter @ Echochamber, Zürich
© 2022 Wolkenpark

Single «Move on for Real»
EAN: 4066218408201
Move on for Real (Jean-Pierre Schaller/Rootwords), CH6542236772, Length: 5:40
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