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Wizard Wisdom (Single)

Band : ,
Title : Wizard Wisdom
Release Date : Thursday, November 17, 2022
Label : iMD Klangfaktur
Catalog ref. : KF 01002
Format : Digital Download

«Wizard Wisdom» was released digital only on 17th November 2022 and contains a tune which was originally composed by Jean-Pierre Schaller as instrumental under the title «Birkenwald». Later Julio Mwansa Nkowane, better known as Rootwords, wrote smooth phrases over the sophisticated 7/4 groove.

The basics were recorded during three weekends in spring 2021 while Corona had destroyed all live gigs. These were live recordings, two to four takes for each track, which built the base of the full album with the same title (to be released on 12th December 2022).

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Falling stars and blown candles
A nomad sitting down, with no sandals. Empty laughs and dry tears
The wind is whistling my fears
You got to crawl before you walk
You got to know before you talk
Let’s go…

Through space and time
With the future weighing heavy on my mind
I‘m gon‘ be just fine
Ready to take off when the stars align. Watching – warning signs
Reading in-between the lines
I find
For my piece of mind
That in time the truth will unwind
Blast off
Game face with my mask off
Find my place on the asphalt
Two feet on the ground
Slice – right through the blizzard
Sharp with the wisdom of a wizard
Listen – to the – wind – blow
Listen – to the – wind
Through the dark
On this journey I embark
Driving like I will never park
With my
Eyes on the prize
Uninfluenced by superficial lies
All the faces that I see
Check points in strategic places
Embraces of love for support
Time re-defining the definition of what I thought
Never caught up in the mist
Paying attention to everything that I missed This is – where I – got to – be
This is – what is –
Life to me…

Kriz Flueler: trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, loops, keys, sound programming
Julien Boss: Rhodes 73 MKII, effects, synths (Roland Juno 60, DSI Prophet Rev2, Arturia Matrix Brute, DSI Pro-2), sound programming
Jean-Pierre Schaller: e-bass, effects
Andy Brugger: drums

Recorded, produced & mixed by Kriz Flew Flueler @ Klangfaktur Recording Studio, Effretikon
DAD: Digitally recorded, mixed on Studer 963 analog desk using various analog outboard equipment and vintage digital effects like Quantec QRS, Lexicon PCM60, Eventide H3000, T.C. 2290
Mastered by Dan Suter @ Echochamber, Zürich
© 2022 Wolkenpark

Single «Wizard Wisdom»
EAN: 4066218533910
Wizard Wisdom (Music: Jean-Pierre Schaller, Lyrics: Rootwords)
ISRC: CH6542272597, Length: 06:05
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