Teaser Video Online

Finally our first video is online! Recorded in April 2019 it took quite some time to cut and mix. We’d like to thank our friends from Ident Pictures for an excellent video job (it’s not their fault, that it took so long!).

Christoph «Kriz Flew» Flueler (tp, synth, effects)
Jean-Pierre Schaller (eb, effects)
Andy Brugger (dr)

Video: Ident Pictures – http://www.ident.ch
Roman Lehmann (lead, camera & cut), Anna Liesch (camera), Simona Specker (cut)

Audio: Klangfaktur – http://www.klangfaktur.ch
Kriz Flew (mix & master)

Financial support: Fachstelle Kultur, Kanton Zürich

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