Matrix Brute arrived

Since joining Tanga Zoo I was looking for a versatile, modern synth with many live features. My friend Mehdi used to work with the Arturia Microbrute, which sounds terrific for it’s size and price and I immediately loved the concept of the Matrix Brute when it was presented in July 2016. But it didn’t come out yet. I hoped to get it for the première of our new program with Tanga Zoo in september – no chance. I was looking for it at christmas – nothing under the tree. Finally I got it in mid january 2017 and I knew – this beast would stay in my studio for a long time. When I took it to the first live gig, I had to admit, that maybe it would really only stay in the studio because of its weight. The Matrix looks gorgeous, it sounds superb, it’s made to play live, everything is at your fingertip, no hidden functions – but it’s simply too heavy for a musician like me who can’t afford a keyboard rowdy.

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